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Home / Member Info / Guide to Duties

Guide to Duties

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TSC is a member run club. All aspects of running the club, from maintenance to accounts and from catering to sailing training, are undertaken by members who volunteer their time. It is, therefore, a necessary condition of membership that you contribute to the running of the club by performing a small share of this work.

Basic duty requirement

Each full member of the club is required to undertake 3 duties each year.

The club rules (By-law 20) stipulates that:

It is a condition of membership that all members, with the exception of Life, Associate, Student and Junior members carry out duties to facilitate sailing, safety, and catering throughout the year. The number of duties is prescribed by the sailing committee unless otherwise agreed.

For the purposes of this rule, a duty is an activity supporting a club event, specifically Officer of the Day, Assistant Officer of the Day, RIB Helm, RIB Crew, Tom Skuse Helm, Tom Skuse Crew, Bar and Galley. Other supporting activities, including training activities, are not duties. The prescribed number of duties is 3.

How do sign up for your duties

You sign up for duties on your My Duties page, which is accessed through the My TSC area; you will need to login. The process for assigning duties is as follows:

  • 1. Voluntary sign-up - duties are made available through the website. Members select the duties that they wish to undertake.Duties will typically be available before the AGM (first Thursday of the year). The voluntary stage runs until 28 February.
  • 2. Assignment of unfilled duties on or after 1 March, any remaining duties will be assigned to members who have not already signed up to their basic requirement of 3. It is your responsibility to check your allocation and to ensure that you fulfil your duties.
  • 3. Swapping if you are unable to perform one of your duties, whether volunteered or assigned, it is your responsibility to find another member who will do it for you. You do this through your My Duties page by following the simple "swap" process.

If you have need any help signing up, please contact us.

What happens if you don't fulfill your duties?

If you fail to fulfill your prescribe number of duties, you are subject to censure by the Committee.

What if I can't do duties?

If you are unable to perform duties for any reason (eg. health, location), you should request an exemption from the Committee in writiing. The Committee will review your request at the next meeting and inform you of the outcome.

Problems and questions

If you have any problems, please email

Additional volunteering

Running TSC involves a huge amount of work in addition to the duties above. Volunteering for this work is a great opportunity to get more involved with the club, make friends, have fun and learn new skills.

If you would like to get involved, please contact the Committee, either by email, at the monthly Club Night or as and when you see us around and about.

You can contact the Committee through the contact page.

TSC Committee 5 January 2022


Overview of duties

Officer of the Day & Assistant

Click here for details of the OD's duties.

Rescue Boat duties

On the day please arrive at the club at least one hour before the race starts, the Rescue boat crew should be ready to launch the Ribs at least 15 minutes before the start.

Bar & Galley duties

Bar Duty is usually quite a relaxed duty and a great way to meet people. It is easy to pick up and there are usually people around who can help if needed.

Please be ready to serve by the time the race finishes. Finish times do vary, as some races are long than others, so a good guide would be to arrive by the time of High Water for the day, which is given for each event in the Calendar.

Click here for more information and to download the TSC Bar Duty Instructions.

Sail Training

For Sail Training sessions the start time is the time the students should arrive. The Sail Training Team should arrive approximately 1 hour before high water.

There is a burglar alarm installed at the club which protects the bar & rib shed. Before entering these areas please ensure the alarm is switched off. The alarm panel is under the fuse boards. If you press enter *# on the keyboard and the led under the padlock symbol is lit then the alarm is on.

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