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Home / Member Info / Duties


All members are required to do duties. As well as being vital to keep the club functioning they are also a good way to understand how the club works and to meet people.

Members are normally able to choose their duties in January/February for the upcoming year. During March the duty allocation team will review the requested duties and allocate any unallocated duties to members who have not requested their duties.

Members tend to request duties very quickly with half of the duties being requested in the first few days. So if you have restrictions on when you can do duties try to request them as soon as they become available.

To fill all the duties we need everyone to do between 2 and 3 duties each (the number of events varies each year depending on tide times), so please request 3 duties each.

Overview of duties

The Officer of the Day (OOD) is responsible for organising the days events. They should be familiar with how events are organised and will generally have helped as an assistant several times in the past.

The Assistant Officer of the Day (AOD) is the assistant to the OOD. The OOD will provide guidance as to what they would like you to do, pull flags up and down, write down finish times etc. This is suitable for most people regardless of your experience

The Rib Helm / Crew

The Galley

The Bar

See the individual pages selectable from the menu on the right for more detailed information about each duty.

OOD & Rescue Boat duties

On the day please arrive at the club at least one hour before the race starts, the Rescue boat crew should be ready to launch the Ribs at least 15 minutes before the start.

Bar & Galley duties

Please be ready to serve by the time the race finishes which is normally about 2 hours after the start but this will vary according to the conditions, therefore we recommend arriving no later than 30 minutes after the start time.

Please check with the OOD if you are not sure.

Sail Training

For Sail Training sessions the start time is the time the students should arrive. The Sail Training Team should arrive approximately 1 hour before high water.

There is a burglar alarm installed at the club which protects the bar & rib shed. Before entering these areas please ensure the alarm is switched off. The alarm panel is under the fuse boards. If you press enter *# on the keyboard and the led under the padlock symbol is lit then the alarm is on.

Last updated 10:56 on 8 July 2021

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