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Here, for what is worth is my advice for first timers:
The big question is always how many to cater for. This is a very fluid unknown. And you won't know until you get there. I buy with about 40 to 50 in mind, depending on the event and the weather forecast, and I generally try to do food that can be put in the freezer if it is not used. If possible check what is already in the fridge, freezer and cupboard. Otherwise don't assume anything. One thing it is always good to bring is fresh milk. There is usually stuff in the freezer that can be taken out to supplement what you have, if needed. Sometimes a race is cancelled and then it may be that there is no call for a galley at all. As a rule of thumb count up the number of boats sailing and add another 10-15 depending on how many people are at the club but not sailing.
I would like to encourage everyone to always have a vegetarian option. Vegetable pies or bakes are easy to put in the oven. If you are doing burgers or sausages it is easy to get a few packets of vegetarian equivalent. DO make sure and not use the same pans or implements as you used for the meat. In my experience the vegetarian option is popular and people are very grateful to have it.
Firstly, keep it simple and just do one hot option and rolls, especially if you are doing galley on your own. It is possible to manage on your own but much easier if you have a helper, even if they only come and help to serve and clear up.
I generally try to get to the club at about the time that the race starts. This gives plenty of time to make up rolls and get the oven hot. Remember that large quantities of food take longer to get up to cooking temperature, so allow extra time. Races normally finish at HW and I aim to have the food ready about then, although most people will get changed and put away boats before eating. So expect to be serving for up to 1-2 hours after HW.
First thing to do when you get to the club is fill the urn and put out mugs with tea/coffee, crisps and chocolates etc. on the table. This means that people can make drinks without getting in your way as you prepare the food. You will need to find the cash box. Ask someone to show you where it is.
Any food that you don't use can be left in the freezer. If you leave stuff in the freezer, post on the forum to let others know what is there. Also, if you use stuff in the freezer, post that too.
Don't be out of pocket, take what you have spent from the cash box, leave the receipt and record what you have taken in the invoice book in the cash box.
Doing Galley duty is a rewarding experience; as hot food is rarely more appreciated than when people are cold and tired after sailing.
Carla Macgregor

Last updated 10:45 on 9 March 2022

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